How to Repost On Instagram? [ Photos, Videos, Story ] – 7 Best Ways

Last updated on March 10th, 2022 at 01:03 pm

Are you love Instagram as compared to other apps and facing some difficulty to re-posting on Instagram or want to know how to Repost On Instagram? Stay with me for the complete guide!

Nowadays, there are many social apps, but Instagram is one of the most popular ones. People from different parts of the world use it for sharing pictures, videos, images, and other interesting posts. Moreover, you can also use it for inbox massaging. It is more secure than other social apps. It has more features regarding privacy. People even don’t know the proper method of how to repost on Instagram. Here are step by step complete guide.

There are only two ways for reposting on Instagram. Firstly, you can post using the app itself. Secondly, you can share the image as a private message to a specific user or using Facebook’s Messenger.

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I am going to mention this method only for whom who are sharing images or any other stuff to only with one person. I am going to tell you in detail How to Repost On Instagram. Stay with me and read this article till the end. Technically, there are seven quick and efficient ways for reposting on Instagram with captions. So let’s start.

How to Repost On Instagram?

There are many methods to Repost on Instagram. So I am going to mention multiple methods, and you can follow the best one for you to repost on Instagram. Let’s talk about these methods:

Use A Reposting App Like Repost for Instagram

Two apps are used for reposting on Instagram quickly and efficiently. One is known as “InstaRepost” and second is known as “Repost for Instagram.” These apps have the same purpose and performance.

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Step 1:

You have to launch Instagram.

How to Repost On Instagram

Step 2:

Select the image or video which would you like to repost.

Select Images to Repost on Instagram

Step 3:

On the upper right corner, you see there are three grey colored dots. Just tap these dots.


Step 4:

In these dots, you have three options. You have to choose “copy share URL.” The repost app which you have installed already can automatically detect that you copied a post URL. It will be available in the spot. There will be a couple of options like post now or save for later use.

Copy and Share

Besides, InstaRepost, there is another app called Regram. It is also used for reposting on Instagram. You do not have to worry about the launcher of this app. It preserves the original author. There are some other methods about How to Repost On Instagram. Stay with me!

Take A Screenshot of the Post

There is another option for repost photo on Instagram. Though this is a very common solution. You have to take the screenshot of the selected image.

Moreover, you can usually take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume bottom at the same time. You can also use gesture to taking a screenshot.

So, it should be clear to you that you can only take a screenshot for images or photos not for videos. Once you have done now, you can post it as choosing from your gallery.

Make sure when you are reposting it there should not be the author’s name included in the frame.

Moreover, you can apply other filters. You can also edit the chosen photo. You can also add your caption on the photo.

Copy-Paste A Post’s Share URL

For your convenience, I am mentioning the process. Firstly, you have to go on these three grey colored dots on the right corner of the picture. Here you can see copy URL. Choose this option, and your Instagram tells you that URL copied. You can use this function for both re-post images and videos. Is it surprising and more simple! Now come in text space area and ling press here and paste the link. Just add your caption and post.

Re-posting for Business

There two amazing apps for the businessman. They can use this app to find out their outreach on the social platform. These apps are known as:

  • Iconosquare
  • Website

Iconosquare, basically a company that is used to detect Instagram activity and data.

Moreover, it uses this data for business purposes. These apps are not free of cost. Iconosquare costs you monthly. Website working in the same method. You can use these apps by downloading in your device like a smartphone.

How It Works:

Firstly, you have to open the website in your browser. Choose your desire the photo on Instagram. Here you can see “…” button on the bottom–right below the image. Press “send to my email.” The selected image, video or photo will be sent to your inbox. You can download the sent material to your smartphone or any other device you are using.

Use Buffer

There is another app for re-posting on Instagram called “buffer.” You firstly, copy the URL of the desired image and open the buffer app. Buffer automatically recognize the link you copied. Now the app will ask you for a post on Instagram. This app will auto-fill the post. Moreover, you can customize the time setting for the repost. It will notify you at that time.

Download the Image

If you want to download a picture in your computer or device download an app called “download ram. You have to do is copy the URL and press the download button. You can upload this photo from your gallery later on.

How to Repost a Video On Instagram?

These methods are specific to repost videos on Instagram. Let me discuss the methods:

Repost-photo & video (Android)

I want to tell you an amazing app for reposting videos on Instagram. Moreover, it is called “repost –photos & videos. It is effortless to use and free of cost. All you to do is download the app and install it in your device and enjoy it.

Repost for Instagram (IOS)

How to Repost On Instagram with the use of iOS devices? If you are an IOS user, you can also share videos by the same method. But there is a new function. When you are going to repost a video repost for Instagram adds a watermark.

How to Repost an Instagram Story

For this features firstly, you have to turn your account public. Make sure the version should be 48. In this way whenever you are tagged in a story, you will receive notification from Instagram. From this notification, you will be able to “add this to your story” option.

  1. Always Ask Permission

Please let them know whom content you are going to repost. Just leave a comment for their post.

  1. Don’t edit

Show that you appreciate the post. Don’t try to show it your collection.

  1. Give Credit Where It’s Due

It doesn’t look nice to make others content as yours. It’s not good morally and legally. So, leave a comment with a tag of author tag and then repost it.

I hope you have gotten the answer to your question How to Repost On Instagram. For more updates, keep visiting this website. Thanks!

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