23rd March 2023 Pakistan Day Quotes, Instagram Captions, Facebook & What’s app Status

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23rd March 1940, a day when history was written down, the fate of a nation was decided, in fact the nation was deciding its own fate and a delicate concept was turned into a firm mission. It is also called “Pakistan Resolution Day” we have listed down amazing Pakistan Day quotes, sayings, and wishes for Pakistan day 2023. You can choose from the following to show your cheerfulness towards your country and nation.

Pakistan Day Quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan Resolution Day is incomplete without talking about Quaid e Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Below are famous Pakistan day quotes of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan Day Quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“We have undoubtedly achieved Pakistan, and that too without bloody war, practically peacefully, by moral and intellectual force, and with the power of the pen, which is no less mighty than that of the sword and so our righteous cause has triumphed. Are we now going to besmear and tarnish this greatest achievement for which there is no parallel in the history of the world? Pakistan is now a fait accompli, and it can never be undone; besides, it was the only just, honorable, and practical solution of the most complex constitutional problem of this great subcontinent. Let us now plan to build and reconstruct and regenerate our great nation…”

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

‘’Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.’’

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

‘’We should have a State in which we could live and breathe as free men and which we could develop according to our own lights and culture and where principles of Islamic social justice could find free play.’’

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

‘’If we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous, we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, and especially of the masses and the poor.’’

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

 “The great majority of us are Muslims. We follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him). We are members of the brotherhood of Islam, in which all are equal in rights, dignity, and self-respect. Consequently, we have a special and a very deep sense of unity. But make no mistake: Pakistan is not a theocracy or anything like it.”

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

 “Democracy is in the blood of the Muslims, who look upon complete equality of mankind, and believe in fraternity, equality, and liberty.”

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

‘’There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan.’’

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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Pakistan Day Quotes 2023

Below we have listed down best Pakistan day quotes for 23rd March 2022 which you can share with your friends on social media and text messages to show your love for the country.

’The freedom journey started on 23rd March 1940 and paved the way towards the destination of 14th August 1947.’’

‘’We declared our identities on 23rd March and got our own homeland on 14th August.’’

‘’23rd March 1940 is the pre-birthday of Pakistan. No one can deny its significance.’’

‘’Without Lahore Resolution, Pakistan could have never been obtained.’’

‘’May Allah bless the day our beloved country was demanded on; 23rd March 1940, Pakistan day.’’

Pakistan Day 2023 Greetings

If you want to wish others on this Pakistan day, then below are best wishes and greetings for Pakistan day 2021.

Pakistan Day Quotes

‘’On this day, I wish you all a very happy Pakistan day. May this day bring prosperity and happiness to our motherland and nation.’’

‘’Happy Pakistan Resolution Day to every Pakistani living on this planet and all Pakistani communities around the globe.’’

‘’May our flag always stand high, may our spirits always be soaring, May our country always prosper and touch the heights of the sky. Happy Pakistan Day.’’

‘’Dear Pakistanis, Let’s promise on this Pakistan day that we will prioritize our homeland above everything, we will be willing to sacrifice our lives for our motherland, and we will not let anyone say anything foul about our Pakistan.’’

‘’Long Live Pakistan. May you always be protected from every harm and evil. May you always stand tall.’’

Love for the country not only means the emotions but it demands the motivation and the struggle to help the country make progress. Happy Pakistan Resolution Day.

Love for the country and the resolution for its betterment are the best weapons against all evils. Happy republic day peeps.

On this resolution day, let’s make resolution to be honest and make our beloved homeland progress by leaps and bounds.

With a firm resolution, the Muslims of sub-continent succeeded in achieving a separate homeland of their own. With a new resolution we can take this country sky high and succeed in every walk of life.

March is the spring month. On 23 March 1940, it brought a new spring in the lives of the Muslims in India. Let’s work hard to make this country crime and corruption free and hope for a new spring.

Thank you, my dear motherland, for blessing me this much. The respect and love I owe to you is most important for me. Rise and shine my dear homeland.

Pakistan Day 2023 Instagram Captions

We all know that Instagram pictures are worth a unique caption and for this purpose we have written down the best Instagram captions for Pakistan day to share with your followers and friends.

  • This land is so sacred for us. Never forget the sacrifices of those whose united struggles turned a dream into a reality.
  • 23 march, the day we as a nation were been conceptualized n the concept was being certified by passing the resolution.
  • Dear Pakistanis, rise and shine and do your best to make not only our country proud but also to make the souls of its finding fathers, rest in peace with pride and contentment. Bleed green.
  • 23 march, Youm-e-Pakistan, a day of pride and honor for our nation. Let’s revive the spirit of those millions of Muslims who contributed in the struggle for this country in any way. We all are thankful to you, the dedicated souls who turned an impossible into possible in such a short time period.
  • On this joyous day, a big salute and a massive thanks to all those who struggled and sacrificed for this beautiful homeland, Pakistan. And to those who are still struggling for the betterment of this country. Happy resolution day.
  • Pakistan day parade is a way to give whole world a message that we are a peace-loving nation but we are capable of our defense and to protect our homeland from ever evil eye. Every single Pakistani is a solider of its motherland. Long live Pakistan.
  • 23 march gives us a lesson that with resolution, consistent and dedicated efforts and team work we can achieve our goals and turn our dreams into reality. United we stand.
  • This resolution day lets unite for the peace, integrity and prosperity of this beloved homeland.
  • May the green flag go higher and higher and my country excel in every field. The only thing is to be honest despite of what you are and wherever you are.
  • May we be the cause of this country’s pride and the honor of the green flag. Pakistan zindabad.

Famous National Songs:

If you’re a Pakistani then you must know the importance of the national anthems and songs in regard to every public day. Following are some best national songs and anthems for Pakistan day 2021.

1. Chand roshan, chamakta sitara rahy

Sub sy oncha ye jhanda hamara rahy

Tu Salamat watan, taa qyamat watan

2. Jaan jati hy to bey shakk jae

Parcham na tera girny payye

Ghazi ko mot sy kya darr hy

Jaan dena jihad e akbar hy

3. Qasam hy hamy apny taaza lahu ki

Qasam zindgi ki qasam aabro ki

Watan par kabhi aanch aany na den gy

Ghar apna kabi hum jalny na den gy

4. Khuda kry keh meri aarz e paak per utry

Wo fasl e gull jisy koi andeesha zawal na ho

Jahan mn ehl e imaan sooret e Khursheed jeety hen

Idhr dooby, udhr nikly, udhr dooby, idhr nikly

23rd March Pakistan Day WhatsApp status

We are living in an era where sharing things on social media is a trend. And among social media WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms. So on this Pakistan day share the following Pakistan day statuses and videos with your loved ones to show your love and gratitude for your country.

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