Happy Iftar I 20+ Best Iftar Quotes, Captions and Wishes [Ramadan 2022]

Iftar is the time when Muslims break their fasts by the will of Allah. This is a precious time and brings a lot of blessings to everyone. Wishing and sharing these beautiful events with others is a part of our culture and religion. If you are looking for Iftar Quotes, captions, wishes and saying to share with your loved ones then look no more. We have got you covered. Below are the best Iftar quotes, captions and wishes for you to share.

Best Iftar Quotes 2022

Best Iftar Quotes

Below are the best Iftar quotes which you can share with your friends to make their time special.

‘’Iftar is a time of huge blessings and reward. If you consume it rightfully, you will be blessed with the best of this dunia and akhirah.’’

‘’You know, Iftar time is one of the most blessed times. Do seek Allah’s forgiveness on this time before it went away.’’

‘’Pray as much as you can on this blessed time, because once gone, it won’t come back before an year and life has no guarantee.’’

‘’If you want to get true reward, then keep your fast, break it on Iftar time and pray to Allah for forgiveness.’’

‘’Iftar time tells us that endings can be beautiful too. You break your fast and get a huge reward for it from Allah.’’

Best Iftar captions for Instagram

Here are the best Iftar captions to share with your pictures on Instagram or with your loved ones on social media.

Best Iftar captions for Instagram

‘’Iftar is the time of huge blessings, try to gather as many as you can.’’

‘’On this beautiful moment, when you break your fast, Allah forgives your sins.’’

‘’Eat less, pray more and earn countless reward.’’

‘’ Here’s to the best of the times, the Iftar time.’’

‘’Starting from the Sheri, your fast ends at Iftar and so do your sins.’’

‘’Iftar is the time of blessings and contentment from Allah to His slaves.’’

‘’The patience is rewarded on this moment called Iftar.’’

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Best Iftar Wishes

If you’re looking for best Iftar wishes to share with your friends and family, look no more. Below are the best wishes for Iftaar to share with your loves ones.

Best Iftar Wishes

‘’I pray to Allah that He may forgive all your sins and take away all troubles on this blessed time of Iftar.’’

‘’May Allah fulfil your stomach with food and your heart with contentment.’’

‘’Happy Iftar. I pray that this times brings numerous blessings to you and to your family. Do remember me in your prayers.’’

‘’The Iftar is the time of forgiveness, and I pray that it may burn away all your sins by the will of Allah.’’

‘’We cannot count the blessings of Iftar but we can pray to Allah to give us the most of these blessings.’’

‘’May Allah grant you the highest reward for your fast and keep yourself away from all the sins.’’

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