50+ April Fool Day Quotes, Funny Captions, Sayings & Status 2023

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 01:10 pm

April fool day Is here at the corner, and we can’t wait to share some sassy ad funny quotes on April fool day with our loved ones and friends. If you’re finding April fools day Instagram captions for pic , April fool quotes, April fool sayings, April fool day’s greetings then look no more, below we have gathered the best April fool day quotes and sayings. 

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April fool day Quotes 2023

  • A fool is a person who celebrates a day but forgets rest 364.
  • Some fools are even saner than the scholars n so-called wise men.
  • You make people fool for a day, but life makes you fool round the year.
  • We live in a world where we can’t be foolish, but it’s ok to be jealous.
  • Love is the most foolish thing we do in our life at the same time the wisest thing as well.
  • Life revolves around the foolish acts we do unconsciously, but after a few years, it’s called the experience.
  • I’m not foolish; I’m just honest in a world full of double-faced people
  • There is a huge difference between being funny n being foolish. Try to understand this otherwise life will make you understand in its own way.
  • Be foolish n be free
  • Most remarkable lessons come from most foolish acts not from advices.
  • Life is just a combination of fun, foolishness n freedom.
  • Memories play an important role in success as they keep your attitude down to the memory lane side by side to your mistakes n foolish acts so you can avoid them

April Fool Day sayings 2023

April Fool day sayings
  • 1st April is just a date we are the ones who make it “fool day “with the fault in our brains.
  • Let the people make you, break you or take you anywhere but not let them fool you any more
  • Jokers are not fools; they are the gems which allow you run the world wisely by giving you balance in life.
  • Choose your friends wisely beware of fools but be very aware of over smart pups.
  • Biggest fools are those who think life is a race. No, it’s not it’s the beginning point for some n end of the game for the others.
  • Life is so foolishly unpredictable it can give you good people in tough times n can snatch your honest ones at the same time as well.
  • Everyone has a foolish baby inside n 1st April is the birthday for that babe
  • Jokers are weird, not mere fools, but like autumn leaves which changes colour according to the season n leave the scene without any regret for coming ones.
  • Read more eyes than books, drink more anger than drinks n be more foolish than wise to live a happy life.
  • Being a joker means being rebellious, not being a fool.

Best quotes for April fool 2023

  • Happiness lies under foolish acts, not beneath the bundles of philosophical advice.
  • They say “love is blind n friendship is foolish” I say rest is foolishly blind.
  • Institutes make doctors, teachers, bankers, toppers, but life makes them all fool.
  • Oh man, I am so fooled, because I am fooling a fool. 
  • Don’t waste your time in fooling a fool. Let’s find something new and even crazier.  
  • Don’t worry about my prank; I was just verifying to award you the certificate. 
  • Pro tip: trust no one, ignore all and move on, just like you do all other days. 
  • Take my joke on a lighter note. It is a new month, a new spring, a new day. Let’s make it a new beginning of continuous humour.
  • It’s a day for you, but a lifetime for the fortune. 
  • Are you having a birthday on 1st April? Don’t miss the chance. Invite your friend to the party and serve nothing. Happy April fool to all! 
  • Being humorous is good but let’s just play safe. We are here to make happy memories. Be careful; don’t hurt someone while being funny. 
quotes for April fool

April Fool Day 2023

  • Ever heard that? “A smile can change the world.” Let’s just smile to strangers on April fool day, make them laugh as well as confusing. Play smart. 
  • Best way to take revenge from someone is, do a prank on April fool day and here you go! No pain, more gain. 
  • Don’t lose heart if someone fools you, just smile. It is the beginning of spring, renew, regrow and rejuvenate. 
  • Everyone is aware of fools on 1st April but ignoring the other days which are even worse beside this. 
  • Ignore the negativity rest of the year just like you do on the April fool day. Let’s spread positivity and make this world a better place to live. Peace. 
  • Do not degrade people by making a fool, they are already, by the life. 
  •  Beware! Behind every joke, there is some purpose. 
  • If I make my friends fool, it’s a torture on myself. Because I have to explain even my own jokes to them. Are you getting me?
  • Don’t be wise all the time. It is good to have fun sometimes. Keep the child in you alive. 
  • Do not look down on fools, don’t you think they are tackling with life the right way.
  • Everything that is funny makes you smile until it comes to you.
  • Don’t give importance to everything they say; life is too short to waste with fools.  
  • Put everything aside and let’s just appreciate the fact that someone remembers you even to fools you.

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